Marianne Bauer

Assistant Professor of Bionanoscience, Technische Universiteit Delft

PhD in Physics 2015, University of Cambridge


I received my PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge. I am fascinated by how we can improve our understanding of the behaviour of different agents on different spatial and temporal by analyzing simple physical and statistical measures or conceptual models: similar such models can offer intuitive explanations for how nanoagents self-organize, chemical substances form patterns or larger species gather in groups which support their survival. I hope that I can learn how to apply what we understand from one system onto another, so that in the end we can make use of the knowledge of how nature is structured for improved and sustainable living on our planet, in the long term hopefully also through industrial applications.

At Princeton, I work on the early development of the fly embryo: we use information theoretical concepts in order to evaluate how a combination of different input signals can lead to the precise expression of the early gene network, which will hopefully also provide us with insights on or limits in precision by the transcriptional apparatus of the fly.