Julia Steinberg

Quantitative Researcher at Radix Trading LLC

I received my Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Harvard University. I am generally interested in understanding the fundamental principles behind the organization, function, and dynamics of biological systems which consist of many interacting elements both at the molecular and network scales. Biological systems have a remarkable ability to reliably assemble and execute many complex functions even though interactions between individual components are often short-lived and/or defined only in a statistical sense. In addition, they are intrinsically far from equilibrium. I am excited by the challenge of both using and developing new tools and insights from physics and mathematics to construct simple models that capture the essence of complex biological phenomena. In particular how can noise and fluctuations constrain these systems while simultaneously being an engine of novelty? I have begun to study these questions in the context of learning and memory in neural networks and hope to extend my work to other areas of systems biology.