2018 - 2020 APS Abstracts

Friday, Feb 15, 2019

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Evolutionary dynamics of cancer on complex stress landscapes Abstract

E. coli Bacteria near "Black Hole" Abstract

The role of heterogeneous environments and docetaxel gradients in the emergence of polyploid, mesenchymal and resistant prostate cancer cells Abstract Abstract

Collective Robot Sex on Dynamic Resource Landscapes Abstract

Continuum modeling of bacterial biofilm development Abstract

Morphogenesis and fractal dimension of bacterial pellicles Abstract

A statistical ensemble approach to understanding adaptive immunity: using sequence data to quantify the extraordinary diversity, in both sequence and protective specifictiy, of the T- and B-cells cells that make up an individual human's immune system Abstract

Searching for emergent long time scales without fine tuning Abstract

Information costs in the control of protein synthesis Abstract

Information tradeoffs in sensing and sampling Abstract

Quantifying success and failure in simple models of large neural populations Abstract

Trading bits in the readout of positional information Abstract

Information-bottleneck renormalization group for self-supervised representation learning Abstract

Compression as a path to simpler models of collective neural activity Abstract

Opto-genetic control of gene regulation in living fly embryos Abstract

Live measurements of transcriptional bursting and dynamic gene regulation in early fly embryos Abstract

Multi-animal pose tracking using deep neural networks Abstract

Predicting the future from the past in visual object motion: optimal representations of mixed stochastic/deterministic trajectories Abstract

How behavioral and evolutionary constraints sculpt early visual processing Abstract

A mechanical model for supervised learning Abstract

Niche-Neutral Transition in a Lotka-Volterra Model of Diverse Ecosystems Abstract

Theory of gating in recurrent neural networks Abstract

Connecting Dynamics and Trainability in Recurrent Neural Networks Abstract

Scalable maximally informative dimensions analysis of deep neural networks Abstract

3D particle diffusion in Escherichia coli cells Abstract

Social context alters behavioral interactions in bumblebees Abstract

One fish, two fish, win fish, lose fish: Imaging and analyzing the fighting behavior of zebrafish in 3D Abstract

Swimmers at low Reynolds number driven by Quincke rotation Abstract

Self-driven phase transitions in living matter Abstract

Topological defects drive layer formation in bacteria colonies Abstract

A hydrodynamic instability drives TPX2 protein droplet formation on microtubules and leads to branching microtubule nucleation Abstract

Growth and dynamics of active nematic droplets of Myxococcus xanthus bacteria Abstract

Sequential and efficient neural-population coding of complex task information Abstract

Investigating the eukaryotic CO2-fixing phase-separated organelle, the pyrenoid Abstract

Cross-feeding is not necessarily evolutionarily stable Abstract

New mechanism of motility-induced phase separation in active colloids Abstract

Phase separation in the nucleus is limited by chromatin mechanics Abstract

Subdiffusive Dynamics of Optogenetic Droplets Report on Local Chromatin Mechanics Abstract

Motif Sequences and Intracellular Phase Separation Abstract

Immune repertoire dynamics out of steady state Abstract

Learning the Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Brownian Movies Abstract

Stochastic Force Inference Abstract

W. Bialek, S. Sinha, R. deRuyter van Steveninck. Optimal visual motion estimation in a natural environmentAbstract

F Randi, A Sharma, A Leifer. Progress on functional connectivity measurement and modeling in C. elegans. Abstract

K. Copenhagen, C. Yang, J. Shaevitz. Topological defect driven thickness changes in layers of bacteria. Abstract

M. Scholz, A. Linder, F. Randi, A. Sharma, X. Yu, J. Shaevitz, A. Leifer. Reading the mind of the worm: Brain-wide neural dynamics predict behavior in C. elegans. Abstract

C. Fei, S. Mao, J. Yan, R. Alert, H. Stone, B. Bassler, A. Kosmrlj, N. Wingreen. Mechanical Principles Underlying Development of Bacterial Biofilm Morphology. Abstract

Z. Li, B. Liu, N. Wingreen. Evolutionarily stable coexistence in a single nutrient: optimization and cross-feeding. Abstract

U. Klibaite, J. Verpeut, M. Kislin, S. Wang, J. Shaevitz. Unsupervised Classification of Behavior for Open Field Mouse Recordings. Abstract

J. Shaevitz. An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences at Princeton University. Abstract

J-C Wallter, N-O. Walliser, G. David, J. Dorignac, F. Geniet, J. Palmeri, A. Parmeggiani, N. Wingreen, C. Broedersz. Looping and Clustering: a statistical physics approach to protein-DNA complexes in bacteria. Abstract

G. Hall, W. Bialek. Statistical mechanics of Twitter. Abstract

M. Jemielita, N. Wingreen, B. Bassler. A quorum sensing-controlled program of aggregation in V. cholera. Abstract

F. Beroz, J. Yan, B. Sabass, Y. Meir, H. Stone, B. Bassler, N. Wingreen. Verticalization of bacterial biofilms. Abstract

A. Tareen, N. Wingreen, R. Mukhopadhyay. Information transmission and evolution of crosstalk in noisy signal transduction networks. Abstract

N. Wingreen. Modeling the influence of metabolic trade-offs on microbiota diversity. Abstract

M. Bauer, W. Bialek, T. Gregor, M. Petkova, E. Wieschaus. Information flow and the accuracy of concentration measurements in a genetic network. Abstract

B. Weiner, Y. Meir, N. Wingreen. Motif Sequences and the Statistical Physics of Intracellular Phase Separation.  Abstract

C. Yang, K. Copenhagen, J. Shaevitz. The role of motility in Myxococcus xanthus droplet formation and droplet geometries. Abstract

D. Lee, Y-C Chang, Y. Shin, D. Sanders, D. Bracha, P. Ronceray, N. Wingreen, C. Brangwynne. Mechanical Interplay of Chromatin and Liquid-Liquid Phase Separated Condensates. Abstract

Y. Zhao, R. Austin, K-C Lin, J. Sturm, J. Qu. Measurement of In vitro Cancer Tumor Hypoxia. Abstract

J. Yan, F. Beroz, H. Stone, N. Wingreen, B. Bassler. Mechanical principles of biofilm formation revealed by single-cell resolution imaging. Abstract

Z. Li, D. Mohamed. Mining recombination algorithms in modular biosynthetic gene clusters. Abstract

T. Phan, R. Morris, R. Austin, M. Black, J. Bos. Emergence of E. coli Critically Buckled Motile Helices Under Antibiotic Stress. Abstract

K-C Lin, G. Torga, Y. Sun, R. Axelrod, K. Pienta, J. Sturm, R. Austin. Understand the role of chemotherapeutic gradient in the emergence of polyploid giant cancer cells using mean field model. Abstract

P. Ronceray, A. Frishman. Learning force fields from stochastic trajectories. Abstract

Y. Zhang, D. Lee, Y. Meir, C. Brangwynne, N. Wingreen. Chromatin Mechanics and the Biological Implication. Abstract

R. Alert, C. Perez-Gonzalez, C. Blanch-Mercader, M. Gomez-Gonzalez, T. Kolodziej, E. Bazellieres, J. Casademunt, X. Trepat. Active wetting of epithelial tissues. Abstract

SA Koay, D. Tank, C. Brody. Neural Correlates of Cognition in Primary Visual versus Downstream Posterior Cortices During Evidence Accumulation. Abstract

X. Chen, F. Randi, A. Leifer, W. Bialek. Exploring the energy landscape of C. elegans neural activities. Abstract

L. Meshulam, J. Gauthier, C. Brody, D. Tank, W. Bialek. RG-inspired analyses of activity in networks of real neurons. Abstract

M. Vennettilli, A. Erez, A. Mugler. Collective sensing by cell populations with feedback-induced long-range correlations. Abstract

A. Mayer. A statistical ensemble approach to immune discrimination. Abstract

K. Nagy, T. Phan, M. Black, J. Bos, R. Austin. Bacterial Phage Resistance Emergence in Complex Landscapes of Stress. Abstract

J. Yan, B. Bassler, N. Wingreen, H. Stone. Extracellular polymers control bacterial biofilm expansion and material properties. Abstract

C. Saad-Roy, Y. Meir, B. Grenfell, S. Levin, N. Wingreen. Investigating the role of hemagglutinin protein stability in influenza A evolutionary dynamics. Abstract

V. Antonetti, W. Bialek, T. Gregor, G. Muhaxheri, M. Petkova, M. Scheeler, E. Wieschaus. Precise spatial scaling in the early fly embryo. Abstract

B. Bratton, J. Taylor, N. Salama, J. Shaevitz. Geometric localization of cell wall growth and shape determining proteins in Helicobacter pylori. Abstract

M. Koch, Z. Gitai, J. Shaevitz. Mechanotransduction in bacteria: how Pseudomonas aeruginosa actively probes and responds to substrate mechanics. Abstract

T. Phan, R. Austin, R. Morris, M. Black, J. Bos. E. coli in Mazes. Abstract

G. Liu, and  J. Shaevitz. Exploring viscoelastic properties of Myxococcus xanthus fruiting bodies with AFM measurements. Abstract

B. Bialek. Max Delbrück Prize in Biological Physics Talk: Precision and emergence in the physics of biological function. Abstract

C. Yang, G. Liu, J. Shaevitz. 3D Motility Measurements of Myxococcus xanthusFruiting Body Formation. Abstract

J. Shaevitz. Self-driven phase transitions in living matter. Abstract

B. Bialek, S. Palmer, D. Schwab. On the learnability of probability distributions. Abstract