Andrew York: A bolt-on single-objective light-sheet design with uncompromised numerical aperture

Feb 24, 2020, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
Joseph Henry Room Jadwin Hall



Event Description

Spinning disk confocal modules are “core facility friendly”; they insert conveniently between a commercial microscope base and camera, improve image quality and add no significant drawbacks. In contrast, high numerical aperture (NA) light sheet microscopy often requires radical sample modification, substantial user re-training and fully customized hardware. We present a “core-facility friendly” light-sheet: a “black box” that inserts between a commercial microscope base and camera, greatly reducing photo-toxicity without degrading image quality or breaking compatibility with existing sample preparation.

In 2008, based on the ingenious ‘Remote-Refocus’ of E.J. Botcherby and T. Wilson [Botcherby 2007] , C. Dunsby [Dunsby 2008] invented a brilliant single-objective light sheet technique called 'Oblique Plane Microscopy' (OPM) that bypassed many typical light sheet drawbacks. However his theoretical NA of 0.74 for a water immersion objective was significantly lower than the 1.33 limit for an aqueous sample. In 2018 B. Yang and B. Huang [Yang 2018] made a clever modification to OPM to achieve an NA of 1.06 and incorporated the elegant galvo-based volumetric scanning method invented by M.B. Bouchard and E.M.C. Hillman [Bouchard 2015].

Building on this work, we present a simple, robust and modular light sheet design with an NA in the 1.2-1.3 range, and discuss the key concepts and considerations for high NA single objective light sheet.

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