Andrew Leifer - Princeton Open Ventilation Monitor: Project Update

May 18, 2020, 12:00 pm12:00 pm



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Helmet non-invasive ventilation has emerged as a useful tool to provide respiratory support to COVID-19 patients who do not yet require invasive ventilation. Clinicians from our local hospitals, however, have identified a need for better monitoring of patients using the helmet. Specifically they seek monitors and alarms to  increase patient safety and to provide detailed metrics of patient breathing. Over the past six weeks, our team of faculty, staff and students from Physics, Neuroscience, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and PICSciE have worked to meet this need by designing, assembling and testing a respiratory flow and pressure monitoring system that can be deployed on helmets or other ventilation systems.  The device measures features of patient breathing, such as respiratory rate and tidal volume, and includes a clinician station for remotely monitoring 20 patients simultaneously. Our device is inexpensive, suitable for rapid fabrication, and is made of readily available components. The device performs favorably in tests with commercial ventilators and test lungs. We have completed our first limited production run of 40 devices and are conducting final testing.